Ace Typewriter & Equipment Company

3 thoughts on “Ace Typewriter & Equipment Company”

  1. Wow. Like stepping into a time machine … 53 years ago my Mom set me up in front of the family typewriter for the first time. She had kept me home from school (I was running a cold and she worried about me spreading germs). I was probably on the mend by this point and driving her crazy, but who knows? Anyway, out came the typewriter and a How to Type book from the library. I’ve been typing ever since, and I recognize a bunch of familiar ones in these photos. I’ll have to visit Ace …

    Oh, and another thing, I love the photos of Matthew sitting in his repair space. When do you ever see anyone fix anything anymore? I bet he knows a lot more about these machines than even he can say. Simply beautiful. My thanks to the folks on both sides of the lens.

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  2. I’ve taken a Selectric that I got off of Craig’s List as well as my mom’s old portable Olivetti to Mathew. He keeps busy these days, so it took a few weeks for him to get to it. he did a great job. It really was fun to talk to him and check out all the cool old machines.

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