Last Stop

5 thoughts on “Last Stop”

  1. Last week, as the city iced over, I took my first bus and MAX rides in many months. Each time the bus pulled over, people leaving by the back door yelled “Thank you!” to the driver in the front. So grateful. So Portland. And now you guys are pulling over for a break too.

    “Thank you!”

    I’ll be back.

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    1. That’s not fair ! But it depends on the environment. Here in London on our big crowded double deckers ( the W3 since you ask) we don’t tend to yell thank you. But on our small local W5 which takes my daughter and I back from swimming lessons on a Tuesday evening and stops almost anywhere along the route to pick up and drop off we always say thank you. And I’d guarantee that any rural bus in England you would see and hear the same thing. All the best –


  2. I’m going to miss this vicarious treat. I’ll be retiring soon and then I’ll have time to do my own explorations. Thanks for the inspiration.


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